James S. Grubb

Joseph C. Mitchell

Deirdre C. Stam

About past Trustees

George Labalme, Jr. (1927-2016) became a Trustee of the Foundation in 2002 after a long career in charitable fundraising and institutional philanthropy.  In addition to his many other contributions as the Trustee overseeing the Foundation’s Humanities and Venetian Research Programs, he will be remembered for his wide knowledge of Venice acquired over decades of experience there.  His many close relationships  with Venetian cultural leaders and their institutions provided vital support for the Foundation’s mission.  He retired as Trustee at the end of 2014.

Patricia Hochschild Labalme (1927-2002) served as a Trustee from the beginnings of the Foundation until  her death in 2002.  Dr. Labalme in many important ways shaped the work and goals of the foundation.  Her intelligence, character, good judgement and grace set the tone for Foundation deliberations.  Her life and achievements exemplified the salubrious effects of placing the humanities at the center of one’s life.

David H. Stam, Trustee Emeritus, participated in Mrs. Delmas’s early Venetian grants program and served as Trustee of the Foundation from its formal beginning in 1991 until his retirement in 2012.  Dr. Stam brought to the Foundation long experience with research libraries and archives and shaped a program that emphasized making available unknown and inaccessible archival collections in the United States and Europe.   This work was formally recognized by the New York Archivist’s Roundtable and from the Society of American archivists.