General Application Guidelines

These guidelines apply to the following programs: Humanities, Performing Arts, and Research Libraries.

They also pertain to Venetian Program: Institutional Support (one of three Venetian Programs). For the Venetian Research Program for Individual Scholars and Publications Subventions, see Venetian Programs

Consult the Overview of Programs page for an explanation of the nature and purpose of all Foundation programs.

The Delmas Foundation is moving its application process online.  Proposals will be submitted via a web form on a new online grant portal beginning June 1.

The information requested is not changing, and the Foundation’s mission and guidelines are not changing.  Therefore if you are in the midst of writing an application, it will be easy to simply enter the proposal into the new web form.

The Foundation supports: not-for-profit organizations engaged in activities of interest to the Foundation. Institutions located in the United States should have an IRS 501(c)3 designation; institutions outside of the United States can present other kinds of evidence of non-for-profit status after consultation with the Foundation. With the exception of the Venetian independent scholars’ programs (see above), these programs do not provide funds to individuals. In general, awards are made for single-year, and not multi-year, projects.

The Foundation does not support capital campaigns, building projects, overhead, or indirect costs.   Very rarely does the Foundation support endowment campaigns, and then only where the objectives are clearly focused and very closely aligned to Foundation purposes.

Procedures for applying

Other than for the Venetian Research Program, there are neither application forms nor deadlines for sending applications.  Decisions are made throughout the year.

Applications should consist of two parts:

  1. A two-page application letter addressed to the Foundation printed on the official letterhead of the applying organization. (Note: there are no application forms.)
  2. A copy of the institution’s IRS 501(c)3 designation letter.  There are some exceptions to this requirement. If your institution has received a Delmas Foundation grant within the past three years, you do not need to include this IRS-status document. Contact the Foundation for other possible exceptions.

(Note: It is not necessary to apply to a particular program; there is considerable overlap among the Foundation’s several programs.)

The application letter should include this information:

  1. A description of the undertaking or need (project, activity, etc.)
  2. An indication of the specific outcome or result anticipated
  3. A brief budget
  4. A time-line or date-span for the undertaking
  5. A concise description of the applying organization.  If applicable, list partnering organizations
  6. Contact information for the applying person and organization. Include email address, telephone number(s), and street address.

(Note: Do not include a cover letter or ancillary materials, press clippings, or financial audits.)

How to submit the application:

  1. If your organization has not applied to the Delmas Foundation before, please send all documents by surface mail to Pele Bauch at the address below.  This requirement applies also to applicant institutions whose previous applications have not resulted in grants.
  2. If your organization has received a grant from the Delmas Foundation within the past three years, then you may, if you wish, submit your application letter by email as an attachment to
  3. In order to receive confirmation of the proposal’s receipt, please include an email address along with your contact information.  Receipt confirmations are sent via email.

When you will hear from the Foundation:

Please allow 3-4 months for an official response to the application. The Foundation reviews applications throughout the year. There are no deadlines for applications.

If you have general question about applying, you may call Ms. Bauch at the number below before sending an application.