Grant Reporting Instructions

Instructions for Organizations

Each award contract notes a final report deadline as well as an outline of the information needed.

Reports for grants awarded prior to June 1, 2016 should be submitted in the format below.  All subsequent grantees will provide their reports via the Foundation’s online grant portal.

The report should be circa two pages in length and detail the following information:

  1. activities funded, what took place and where
  2. dates of events or project milestones
  3. size and makeup of population(s) served
  4. degree to which project goals were accomplished
  5. how major obstacles were addressed
  6. complete fiscal accounting of how the Delmas funds were expended

For the Performing Arts Program, please send a copy of your audited financial statement for the year to which the grant relates when the statement becomes available.  (Please do not send these statements for awards from the Humanities and Research Libraries Programs.)

Please email all final reports to


Instructions for the Venetian Research Program for Individual Scholars

A final report is due three months after the end of the research period.

Reports for grants awarded in 2015 and prior should be submitted using either the Final Report Form (Word doc) or Final Report Form (PDF) and emailed to

Reports for grants awarded in 2016 should be submitted via the Foundation’s online grant portal.