Venetian Program Grants

The Foundation’s Venetian program awards four types of support.  Details on these programs can be found immediately below.  Links to application instructions and forms appear at the bottom of this page.

  1. Study within Venice and the Veneto
  2. Study outside Venice and the Veneto
  3. Publication Assistance
  4. Grants to organizations supporting Venetian scholarship and culture.

1.  Independent research within Venice and the Veneto (for individuals)

The Foundation awards grants (pre-doctoral and post-doctoral) for travel to and residence in Venice and the Veneto.  These grants are made to individuals to support historical study of Venice and the former Venetian empire and the study of contemporary Venice.  Grants will be awarded for historical research specifically on Venice and the former Venetian empire, and for study of contemporary Venetian society and culture. Disciplines of the humanities and social sciences are eligible areas of study, including (but not limited to) archaeology, architecture, art, bibliography, economics, history, history of science, law, literature, music, political science, religion, and theater.

Applicants must (i) be citizens or permanent residents of the United States, (ii) have experience in advanced research at the graduate level or equivalent, and (iii) if graduate students, have fulfilled all doctoral requirements except completion of the dissertation (but including acceptance of dissertation proposal) by December 15 of the year when the application is submitted.

(Applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United Kingdom or Commonwealth are eligible for Venetian study awards made by the Delmas Foundation’s British and Commonwealth Advisory Board.  Contact  Professor Gardner, See the application instructions for this program.)

Applications will be entertained for grants up to a maximum of $19,900 for a full academic year. Grants for the maximum amount are rarely awarded, and successful applicants are frequently awarded less than the amount requested. Funds are granted primarily for research in Venice and the Veneto only, and for transportation to, from, and within the Veneto. Please submit the application form for these grants so that it reaches the Foundation by December 15.  Letters of recommendation may arrive after the deadline, but please work to ensure their arrival before the end of the month. See the application instructions, Venetian Forms and cover letter form  for this program.

Please review additional information on your length of stay and visa requirements at the Italian Consulate webpage.

2.  Independent research in European Libraries and Archives outside Venice (for individuals)

Scholars who have already received and accepted a Delmas grant for work in Venice and the Veneto are eligible for subsequent, one-time grants of up to $3,000 (one month maximum) to work exclusively on Venetian materials in other European libraries or museums.  The proposed study must be related to the previous Delmas grant.   Due date: December 15.  See the application instructions, Venetian Forms and cover letter form for this program.

3.  Publications assistance for the work of Delmas Fellows (for not-for-profit publishers)

The Foundation supports publications to help make possible the dissemination of work accomplished through our Grants for Independent Study on Venetian History and Culture.  Publications are eligible for funding only when the author accomplished the work with the aid of a Delmas Foundation Grant for Independent Study on Venetian History and Culture. Requests for funding are reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Applications may be submitted in the form of a letter, usually no longer than two pages in length.

To apply, follow the instructions for Publications Assistance applications. There are no deadlines for these grants.

4.  Grants for organizations in support of Venetian scholarship and culture (for not-for-profit organizations).  Applicants should follow the general guidelines  for applications.