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Venetian Research Program – U.S. FAQs

How do I request the grant payment?

When you are certain that you are able to make firm travel plans and to pursue your approved plan of research, please inform the Foundation and request your grant funds by logging onto the Foundation’s website ( and completing the “Travel Form.” This form asks for your scheduled travel dates, confirmation that you can access the necessary research institutions, and bank payment information. The Foundation will send the grant funds via wire transfer approximately two weeks after receiving this completed form. Your bank transfer information will not be preserved in the Foundation’s records after the funds are sent. This request for funds can be completed up to 6 months in advance of travel, but not earlier.
Please consult the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and the Italian health authorities when planning your travel and research. The Foundation is not in a position to advise you on matters of health and safety nor to accept responsibility for your welfare. By submitting the Travel Form, you release the Foundation and its Trustees and employees of all liability and responsibility with respect to any claim based upon your health or safety during your contemplated travel and research as a Delmas scholar.

What circumstances require a visa for travel to Italy?

Please consult the following government webpages regarding your length of stay and visa requirements.  Especially for stays of three months and more, there are particular requirements.

What happens if I receive an award from another foundation?

Grantees must notify the Delmas Foundation when they receive additional support toward their research.  If the second award is for the same research project, the Foundation allows two options : 1) accept ½ of the Delmas award and the full amount of the other grant 2) accept ½ of the other award and the full amount from the Delmas Foundation.

How are Letters of Recommendation submitted?

Through the online application, you will provide your references with a  link to an online form where they can add their Letters of Recommendation.  Letters can be added to both draft applications and submitted applications.  Therefore, we advise beginning your online application well in advance and sending the invitations to your references early in your drafting process.  This will allow sufficient time for your references to add their Letters of Recommendation to your application.

Three letters of recommendation are required for stays of five weeks or more. Only two letters of recommendation are required for shorter stays.

I received a Delmas grant last year. May I apply again this year?

If you have completed the grant and submitted a final report, yes.

However, any person who has accepted three or more Delmas Venetian Research Program grants (regardless of amount or timing) will be ineligible for consideration for two program cycles after the last grant. Thereafter, a two-year hiatus continues to be required after each subsequent grant.

I need to consult sources outside of the former Venetian empire. May I still apply?

Scholars who have already received and accepted a Delmas grant for work in Venice and the former Venetian empire are eligible for subsequent, one-time grants of up to $3,000 (one month maximum) to work exclusively on Venetian materials in other libraries or museums.  The proposed study must be related to a previous Delmas grant.

I am not a US Citizen. May I still apply?

Citizens and permanent residents of the United Kingdom or British Commonwealth are eligible for Venetian study awards made by the Delmas Foundation’s British and Commonwealth Advisory Board.  See the application instructions for this program.

How can I apply for the Henry A. Millon Award in Art and Architectural History?

There is no separate application for this honor.  All applications to the Venetian Research Program – U.S. are considered for designation as the Henry A. Millon Award in Art and Architectural History. Begun in 2016, one awardee is selected annually.

Will grantees receive a 1099 or similar statement for tax purposes?

No. While the Foundation is not required to send a statement, grant recipients are required to claim the Delmas grant on their tax returns, per IRS tax law.

Do you have suggestions for how to find housing in Venice?

The News on the Rialto is a useful resource for finding housing as well as connecting with other scholars researching Venetian history and culture.

I have a question about the online application form. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the Foundation at 212-687-0011 or with any questions.